We’re getting bolder…

April 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s great to hear from our new followers! We couldn’t agree with you more. Your comments are inspiring! Unfortunately, we found the Museum’s statement, about wanting to resume printing operations after addressing their immediate financial concerns, less than inspiring.

Of course, we all want Bowne to reopen, but the but the idea of going back to the status quo doesn’t exactly fill us with confidence. Who’s to say the Museum won’t close it again without warning? Will management be improved? What about addressing finances in the long-term? The Museum has not communicated with anyone about how they plan to address any of these things. To us, Bowne’s survival isn’t just about opening its doors again. It’s about developing and practicing a sustainable plan. Whoever ultimately becomes the steward of Bowne’s collection (the Seaport Museum or otherwise), we believe they should pledge the following:

  • Bowne shall remain in New York City, ideally at its current location, 211 Water Street, in the city’s historic printing district.
  • Bowne’s collection of antique type, presses, printing machinery, and library shall not be permanently dispersed or lost through mismanagement.
  • The collection shall remain in active and publicly visible use for the printing of commercial, educational, and other jobs; and it shall remain accessible, by appointment, to students and others interested in the history of type and printing.
  • The collection’s conservation needs and upkeep shall be met in a timely and professional manner.
  • Bowne’s operations and management shall be directed by its master printer, or a person with equivalent knowledge and appreciation of printing history and design.
  • Bowne shall strive to develop products that use its unique collection, enhance a reputation for fine printing and design, and financially support the shop.

If this pledge can be fulfilled – and we’ll do whatever we can to make it happen – then we’ll consider Friends of Bowne a success. Thanks again to all of you who have “liked,” “followed,” and commented. Keep sharing your stories and thoughts, and we will certainly let you know what actions can be taken next.


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