From lead type to… lamb birthings?

April 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

DNAinfo had a really interesting article today that we recommend you check out:

What do the New Amsterdam Market’s back-to-the-farm offerings have to do with Bowne & Co? Both the market and Bowne have the potential to remind people of the Seaport District’s origins.

From the article:


LaValva started New Amsterdam Market several years ago as a way to enliven the shuttered Fulton Fish Market stalls and bring quality, local food to downtown’s growing population. The market has exploded from a once-per-season novelty to a bustling weekly destination, infusing the dark plaza under the FDR Drive with a new vitality.

LaValva hopes the market will continue to grow until it becomes a permanent part of the district, but he is worried as he watches the struggles of another neighborhood institution: the Seaport Museum New York. The museum’s difficulty seems to show that people have forgotten the neighborhood’s origins, LaValva said.

“The Seaport was such an important part of the city’s development, and as a city, we’ve lost track of that,” LaValva said. “The Seaport has always been a market district.”


The idea of restoring the concept of the Seaport as an instrumental part of the neighborhood’s origins is really interesting, and one Bowne could fit into nicely. In a way, I think this is saying that looking to the Seaport’s past is one of the best ways to revitalize its future. What do you think? –GM


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