Sciame, Pelzer no-shows at CB1’s Seaport Committee

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Downtown Express, June 29, 2011:

Scores of people crowded the Southbridge Towers Community Room on June 21 expecting to hear from Frank J. Sciame, chairman of the Seaport Museum New York, and from Mary Ellen Pelzer, president of the museum, but the guests of honor didn’t show up for Community Board 1’s Seaport/Civic Center meeting. All of the 40-year-old museum’s galleries are currently closed and most of the staff has been dismissed. Bowne & Co. Stationers, the museum’s historic print shop, is also closed….


Board Gets Stood Up by Seaport Museum Officials

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WNYC, June 22, 2011:

The president and chairman of the Seaport Museum New York opted out of attending a meeting on the maritime museum’s future at the last-minute Tuesday night, drawing the ire of community members who felt they were stood up by the officials for the second time in as many months.

An hour into the meeting in Lower Manhattan, the Manhattan’s Community Board 1 Seaport/Civic Center Committee received a letter from the museum’s president and CEO, Mary Ellen Pelzer, saying she and chairman Frank Sciame would not be attending.

Many Angered by Silence from Seaport Museum Officials

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From the Tribeca Trib, June 22, 2011:

Leaders of the financially capsized Seaport Museum drew anger from a standing-room-only crowd on Tuesday after backing out of their promised appearance before a Community Board 1 committee.

For the second month in a row, CB1’s Seaport Committee had expected to hear what is going on in talks between the museum and the city over the institution’s future and the possible sale of its boats, docked at Piers 16 and 17.

Seaport Museum Officials Skip Out on Public Meeting Again

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From, Weds, June 22, 2011:

SOUTH STREET SEAPORT — Officials at the struggling Seaport Museum New Yorkbacked out of a public meeting at the last minute this week, leaving more than 100 locals who wanted to question them about its faltering future in the lurch….

Struggling Seaport Museum Will Dump Leaders to Stay Afloat

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More news about change at the Museum, from DNAInfo, May 16:

SOUTH STREET SEAPORT — The struggling Seaport Museum New York will soon have new leaders at the helm, following financial problems that forced the museum to shutter its exhibits and put half its staff on unpaid leave, sources told DNAinfo Monday.

The city is working with the museum to replace President Mary Pelzer and members of the board of directors, in the hope that new blood will buoy the organization, sources said….

The Death of Print: NYC Tries to Save Typographic History

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Written by Steven Heller for the Atlantic:

Old-school print shops like Bowne & Co. are vanishing. How long will a group of devoted fans be able to cling to the past?

Print is not dead! But many of the reliquaries of print and printing are closing, perhaps forever. A group in New York City called Friends of Bowne, is trying to save from extinction one of the few remaining functioning print shops, Bowne & Co., Stationers, where many New Yorkers and visitors learned about type and printing from devoted volunteers….

Read the full article (and comments from yours truly):

Steven Heller

Steven Heller – Steven Heller is the co-chair of the MFA Design program at the School of Visual Arts and co-founder of the MFA Design Criticism program. He writes the “Visuals” column for The New York Times Book Review, “Graphic Content” for T-Style‘s “The Moment” blog, and The Daily Heller for Print magazine. He is the author or editor of over 140 books on design and popular visual culture.

New Fulton Street Transit Center

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No doubt that a beauteous (and hopefully well signed and organized) transpo hub will help bring people to Lower Manhattan and the Seaport area, a straight shot down Fulton Street from the future station. Follow’s updates on the transit center’s progress:

As one of our Facebook followers commented, “I think this is beyond essential. As it is, the dip in Seaport finances and attendance correspond exactly to Fulton Street’s multi-year reconstruction and all the associated business failures we’ve seen.”

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