East River Waterfront Will Likely Open in May, City Says

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In addition to the possible pedestrian zone on Water Street, which could mean more feet inside Bowne, let’s not forget the East River’s new waterfront park (a la the west side highway, dumbo, etc), the first section of which is opening in Lower Manhattan this May. From DNAInfo.com, 3/29/11:

The first section of the East River Waterfront will likely open in May, the city Economic Development Corp. said this week. The much-anticipated waterfront park was originally supposed to open last December, but it has been delayed while the city adds the finishing touches.


New Flow Seen for Water Street

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Water Street: the new Park Avenue? The Downtown Alliance’s dream for a partial pedestrian zone on Water Street could mean more foot traffic for Bowne, which already sits on a pretty cobblestone plaza. From the Wall Street Journal, 3/30/11:

Lower Manhattan’s Water Street could be next on the list of city thoroughfares slated for a major overhaul. New York City has remade miles of streets by taking space from cars and giving it to pedestrians, cyclists and buses, but the Financial District has been mostly untouched. Now the city’s Economic Development Corporation is looking for consultants to do a more in-depth analysis of the street and propose changes that would create a “pedestrian-oriented environment.”…

Seaport Welcomes a New Tenant

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From Downtown Express, March 9, 2011. The matter of historical relevance aside, a theater at the South Street Seaport would be a promising potential client for Bowne. Posters and playbills and tickets, oh my!

A new theater will be opening in the South Street Seaport in April. Algonquin Theater plans to build a 200-seat theater for off-Broadway productions that will include cabaret shows, musical revues, comedy acts and children’s theater….

Founding President of Seaport Museum Calls for Resignations

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From the New York Times, ArtsBeat, February 24, 2011:

The founding president of the Seaport Museum New York, which in recent weeks lost a third of its trustees and furloughed half its staff, has called for the resignation of the museum’s current president, Mary Pelzer, and its chairman, Frank J. Sciame….

Seaport Museum Flouders, But Hasn’t Yet Sunk

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From Downtown Express, February 23, 2011:

Seaport Museum New York, once a thriving institution, is now barely keeping its head above water. Thirty-two full- and part-time employees — half of its entire staff — have been placed on furlough, and seven of its 21 trustees have resigned in the last month, according to a museum spokesperson….

Finances Could Sink Seaport Museum

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From the New York Times, February 18, 2011:

For more than a decade the Seaport Museum New York has struggled to stay afloat. But it has never looked closer to going under….

Seaport Museum Puts Half Its Staff on Unpaid Leave

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From DNAInfo.com, February 15, 2011:

The Seaport Museum New York slashed half of its staff on Monday in an attempt to save money. The museum put 32 full and part-time employees on unpaid furloughs, a museum spokesman confirmed Tuesday….

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