The charming shop at 211 Water Street



Water Street

Water Street

Letterpress printing was done on site, right in the back of the shop



The one-of-a-kind type collection

type cases

wood type, too

antique lead type

old jobs, still tied up

antique ornament

amazing "construction" from individual ornaments, by Barbara Henry, former master printer

small case of ornaments

various logotypes and ornaments

sample ornament and printing


§ 3 Responses to Photos

  • I am so sad to hear that Bowne and Co. was shut down. It was such a great shop and I hope that the community realizes how important it is to have it around and a revival happens soon.

    I live in Boston, but I am also a letterpress printer and I am bummed that I wont be able to make it to the Save Bowne Party on the 5th. I hope it is a great turnout!

  • Veronica Adams says:

    Sorry if I’ve missed it, but I don’t see an email on here. I’m seeking permission to use the storefront photo for some educational slides. Do you own it?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

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